Fictional Dangerous Trees And Why You Should Fear The Real Thing

Fictional Dangerous Trees And Why You Should Fear The Real Thing

Fictional Dangerous Trees And Why You Should Fear The Real Thing

22 January 2018
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In The Wizard of Oz, the main character and her companions encounter crab apple trees that are actually alive and and do not like having their apples picked off of their branches. They begin a very nasty fight with the heroes of the story. In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you discover tree ents, walking and talking tree creatures who can either be good or evil. Oddly enough, every culture has its tree folklore about dangerous trees, but for the most part, people do not view trees as evil or dangerous. Still, there are dangerous trees, and there are reasons for fearing and removing them.

Trees Do Not Talk or Walk, but They Do Lean

Trees do not walk or talk in the real world, but they do lean. Leaning trees are quite dangerous. If more weight pulls a tree in one direction over all other directions, that is exactly the direction the tree will fall if struck by lightning or taken out by high winds. If your house, fence or neighbor's property is in the direct path of your leaning tree, the tree will damage all that is in its way when it falls.

The Weight of Overloaded Limbs Causes the Limbs to Break

Tree limbs cannot reach for you or grab you, as they did in the stories mentioned above. However, they can be overburdened by their own weight, crack and break, and land on anything in their path, including humans and pets. While the tree does not do this intentionally, it is still nonetheless very scary. It is ideal to have these really overburdened and heavy limbs removed before they crush someone or something.

Dangerous Tree Removal Service

When you are not able to carefully remove parts of a tree, or the tree is leaning in a very dangerous way, you need to call a tree removal service. They can help remove part or all of a tree that is going to create a very unfortunate incident in the future if left to itself. In the wild, it is okay if a tree grows crooked, heavy, or lopsided, since there is nothing in its path that could be hurt or harmed. In the city, however, this is extremely dangerous. It can also lead to some very costly repairs on anything the tree destroys, and even lawsuits if your tree hurts someone or wrecks a neighbor's property.

Contact a company, like T's Trees, for more help.

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