Spring Landscaping Tips To Help You

Spring Landscaping Tips To Help You

Spring Landscaping Tips To Help You

21 March 2019
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When the chill of winter starts to lift, and the snow and ice begin to melt, you may find your mind wandering to your landscaping and what you want it to look like when spring and summer get into full swing. However, you might not know what you can or should do to get started in the process of building your landscaping into your dream design. Even if the snow is still melting in the early spring, there are steps that you can take to get your spring landscaping process started. Get to know some of these steps and then, you can get jump right in and begin working in your yard as soon as possible.

Clear Fallen Branches and Other Debris

Winter is hard on every element of your yard. The trees are particularly vulnerable to the weight of ice and snow from winter storms, as well as the power of the wind during blizzards and winter storms. As such, many branches and twigs will likely fall throughout the winter season. 

As such, when the snow and ice start to melt, it is a good idea to get out in your yard and clear out those branches and twigs. Other debris can be cleared at the same time as well. This includes leaves still on the ground from late fall and trash that might have blown into your yard during winter storms. Doing all of this will help to give you a clean slate to work with when you create your overall design scheme for the year. 

Watch Budding Trees for Any Dead Spots

Broken or fallen branches are not the only consequences of the effects of winter weather on trees. Sections of trees or even entire trees can suffer serious damage during the winter, causing them to die. However, because most trees are barren in the winter months, you will likely not be able to tell whether such damage has occurred. 

When spring begins, your trees will start to bud and eventually, blossom. Pay attention to this process in your trees. If you notice a tree is not budding or that a branch (or several) on a budding tree is bare, you will want to take action. 

Dead trees are dangerous because they can fall easily which can cause damage to your landscaping or even injure someone or something. Dead branches have similar dangers but can also cause other areas of the tree to die off as well. Contact a tree services company to remove dead trees or dead branches as early in the spring season as possible to avoid these problems. 

Now that you know some spring landscaping tips to help you out, you can jump-start your landscaping process this year. For more information, contact a company like Greatland Tree Service.

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