4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Lawn This Winter

4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Lawn This Winter

4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Lawn This Winter

27 December 2017
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Your lawn needs care and attention throughout the year, including in the winter time. Winter yard care is more about protecting your yard than it is about maintenance and growth.

Fertilize Your Yard

In the early winter you should fertilize your lawn. Fertilize your lawn will allow the fertilizer to get into the the soil and stay there for the entire winter. The fertilizer you add to your lawn in late fall and/or early winter will provide your lawns roots with the nutrients that your lawn needs to stay safe and continue to grow throughout the winter.

When spring comes around, your grass should grow in greener because the roots have been properly fertilized throughout the winter months. Fertilizing your lawn in the winter will give it a jump start when spring comes around.

Get in A Last Mow

Before the frost and snow hits, make sure that you get in a last mow of your yard. You want to leave your grass short but not too short for the winter time. If you leave your grass super short, you will shock your lawn and could harm the grass. Leave the grass a couple of inches long; this will provide enough grass to protect your lawn without inviting prey like burrowing animals to use your long grass as a warm bed in the winter time. Do not leave your grass really tall going into the winter; if you do, you will find multiple areas ruined by burrowing animals and field mice that have turned your long grass into a cozy bed.

Keep Debris Off Your Lawn

Next, keep debris off your yard. That includes toys and lawn furniture, as well as branches that may fall on your yard over the winter. If you leave items on your yard all winter, when you move these items in the spring time, you are going to find yourself with some really nice big dead spots on your yard.

Leaving stationary objects on your yard all winter is the best way to ensure that your yard doesn't look nice next spring. Spend a few minutes cleaning debris off your yard, and pick up and remove any big branches or debris that gets into your yard during the winter months.

Keep Your Sidewalks Clean

If you live somewhere where it snows, keep your sidewalks clean and safe to walk on. This should help prevent people from walking on your grass. Foot traffic on your yard in the winter, when it is frozen and short can lead to damage to your yard. 

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