Why You Need To Leave Stump Removal To The Professionals

Why You Need To Leave Stump Removal To The Professionals

Why You Need To Leave Stump Removal To The Professionals

27 December 2017
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Large trees have a tendency to get knocked down during a storm thanks to wet soil, disease that weakens the roots, and high winds. You can do all that work yourself to remove the resulting stump, but it is safer and easier to hire a tree service to remove both the tree and its stump from your lawn. If left alone to rot on its own, the tree will cause the grass to die under it and eventually the stump will rot and leave a large hole in your yard. Why not have your stump ground under the surface instead?

Effort Required

The time and effort required to remove a large tree and its stump from your yard makes it a major task. If you don't burn wood in the winter or have a campfire, all that wood from the trunk and branches has to be hauled away. Using hand methods to remove the stump, such as digging it out, can take dozens of hours of hard labor. Even renting equipment requires considerable effort on your part to run it.

Rental Costs

If you do decide break the stump down safely and correctly, you will have to rent the right tools for the job. This could cost nearly as much money to rent as it would to hire a crew to do all their work with their own equipment. Many stump grinders are designed as attachments to larger pieces of equipment that come with their own fees. Freestanding grinders often require at least two people to operate the machinery.

Trained and Qualified

Not only are tree service employees trained to use dangerous stump grinding equipment in a safe way, they come equipped with all the safety equipment needed to prevent injuries. If something does happen, the company's insurance covers the costs and no one in your family has a chance of being injured.

DIY Danger

If you don't want to rent equipment then you have to resort to more primitive methods for removing a stump. This can involve a lot of digging to manually detach a stump from its roots, damaging your vehicle or tractor trying to yank it out, or burning it out with risky fire or special chemicals that can hurt your lawn and ground water.

Stump Space

Stump grinding services aim to leave you with a perfectly level yard rather than a hole where a stump once stood. They can either leave part of the wood in place to rot slowly as you add dirt or mulch, or completely fill in the space after removing the bulk of the roots. Either way, you get a newly cleared space ready for planting or other uses.

Contact a service, like Joe Hanley's Tree Trimming, for more help.

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