Comparing Stump Grinding And Stump Removal

Comparing Stump Grinding And Stump Removal

Comparing Stump Grinding And Stump Removal

18 January 2018
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Stump grinding and stump removal are two similar landscaping procedures that are designed to remove dead tree stumps from your yard. However, while the end result is fairly similar between the two processes, there are a few distinctive differences between each. These differences give both stump grinding and stump removal a unique set of advantages over each other. Companies like Above & Beyond Tree Service Inc can offer more information. Understanding the differences between stump grinding and stump removal can help you choose the best option for your landscaping needs.

Stump Grinding

Like its name would suggest, stump grinding consists of using a specialized power tool to grind sections of a dead stump down at a time, turning the entire stump into multiple small pieces which can either be removed or used as mulch. The stump is cut down to ground level, at which point it can either be buried or allowed to slowly break down naturally over time.

The main advantage associated with stump grinding is the fact that you can complete the process fairly quickly, providing your yard with a clean aesthetic that allows you to pursue other landscaping projects as soon as the stump has been reduced. Stump grinding is also an affordable process: while professional work is recommended for safety reasons, homeowners with knowledge of landscaping tools can rent a stump grinder from a hardware store and do the work themselves.

However, stump grinding will not remove the roots attached to the stump, which opens up the possibility that a new plant will eventually bloom in place of the stump.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a much more involved process when compared to stump grinding. Instead of breaking the stump down, the stump is excavated – and with it, all of the attached roots. This means that a great deal of your yard may be disrupted to remove the stump, and the process is much more drawn out and expensive, since professional removal is necessary due to the tools needed. A large hole will remain in your yard after the process has been completed, which can cause damage to nearby plants.

The major reason why you would want to have your stump removed instead of ground down is because doing so ensures that the tree will never bloom again in that area, so that any landscaping installations that you install over your removed stump will not be disrupted in the future due to further tree growth. This can also help stop root growth from damaging your home's plumbing, since the roots of a tree can continue to grow even after the stump has been ground down. 

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