Make Your Property Dog-Friendly With Tree Service Before Bringing A Dog Home

Make Your Property Dog-Friendly With Tree Service Before Bringing A Dog Home

Make Your Property Dog-Friendly With Tree Service Before Bringing A Dog Home

21 January 2018
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While living in your home, you may not worry too much about the backyard because you can watch your children to make sure they do not get into any dangerous situations. But, when you are interested in adopting a dog, you should expect them to roam around while they are outside.

To make sure that you provide your new dog with a smooth transition to their new home, you should get professional tree service to ensure the backyard is ready for your dog's arrival.


The first thing that you will want to consider is the amount of watering needed for your trees. Young trees may demand a lot of water, but you may be worried about your dog trying to splash in the water as soon as it leaves the hose or irrigation system. A solution is to add mesh fencing that is wide enough around the tree to allow it to absorb all the water it needs unobstructed.

If you have an irrigation system in the backyard, you may be worried about your dog damaging the sprinklers. You can upgrade to ones that go back into the ground when the watering is finished, or you can have tree experts add sprinkler head protectors around the trees.


Trees can range from not toxic at all to extremely toxic for dogs. A tree inspection should help you determine if you have any problematic trees on your property. You can make plans to remove all the ones that you know will become an issue as soon as you bring a dog home.

Although you may be able to minimize exposure with constant trimming and cleaning, all it takes is one mistake for your dog to put something in their mouth that is toxic to them. Removing a toxic tree is the most reliable solution for keeping your dog healthy while it is in the backyard.


When you clear out part of your property to protect the dog that you will soon have, you may be interested in growing new trees to fill in the blank spaces. Instead of trying to figure out the trees that work well with dogs, you can have professionals provide you with a thorough list of them. You may want to start with native trees because they will be the least difficult to maintain.

Following these steps while hiring a tree service company will get your yard ready for a dog.

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