Tree Care Safety: Three Reasons Homeowners Are Injured

Tree Care Safety: Three Reasons Homeowners Are Injured

Tree Care Safety: Three Reasons Homeowners Are Injured

30 January 2018
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Tree care might seem like a really simple task to get done on your own. After all, it's fairly obvious to see where branches need to be cut, and it only requires a few tools. The process is much more complicated than this, and even though your tree might appear healthy, there are some areas that might be weak and dangerous to work with. Here are three reasons homeowners get injured when attempting DIY tree care:

  1. Improper Use of a Ladder: Most likely, you are going to need an extension ladder, which not all homeowners have, or at least not one that gets high enough to be above the branches you are cutting. If you cut a branch that is above you, you risk the chance of it falling on top of you rather than being in more control over the situation. Attempting to get yourself higher by using the ladder and then climbing into the tree is also dangerous because you don't really know how stable the branches are to hold you up and getting back down onto the ladder later can be challenging. 
  2. Improper Use of Tools: First of all, you need tools that are in good condition. Using tools that are dull is going to lead to the need to apply more force when cutting the branch, which is difficult for your body and can cause you to become worn out more quickly. You also need to be wearing the right gear to protect yourself when using certain tools such as branch clippers. You will need gloves that are going to prevent you from cutting yourself. You should also consider the use of a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall or in the case a branch falls above you. 
  3. Unknowledgeable About Trees: Not having any experience with trees and their growth is another specific reason homeowners are injured every year. If you don't know how the clipping of one branch can affect another, it can harm you since you will find that the branch next to it falls, as well. You are also less likely to notice any signs of disease in the tree that could indicate the tree is ready to collapse at anytime. 

Hiring professionals, like DeClue & Sons Tree Care, Inc., is definitely the best way to protect yourself and ensure that the trees on your property are actually getting the care that they need to stay healthy and thriving. 

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