Three Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Three Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Three Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

1 February 2018
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The trees in your yard are a huge part of your landscaping design, providing a natural aesthetic to your yard and the exterior of your home. However, certain trees, either due to their condition or their location, can be problematic to your yard and home. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with a potentially threatening tree can help you identify when you need to contact a tree removal specialist to keep your home and yard safe.

Diseases and Pests

If you notice that a tree in your yard is experiencing some of the warning signs associated with disease or pest infestation, you need to contact a tree removal specialist immediately. This is because not removing the tree can allow the pests to spread throughout your yard, and even into your home. Diseases can quickly work their way through your trees and other plants as well, leaving a swath of dead organic matter in your yard. Diseases and pests will cause damage to the bark of your tree, can cause limbs and leaves to die and fall off, and may even leave visible signs of damage, such as tunnels bored into the wood or fungal growth on the trunk. Catching infestations and disease early may allow you to save the tree by removing a certain section, but a full-blown infestation means that the tree has to come down.


Another good indicator that you need to consider removing a tree in your yard is if it is near the side of your home or has caused problems with your sewage drain and plumbing system. Trees that are planted in tight places or too close to a structure in your yard can quickly cause structural damage and maintenance problems which can add up in expense and difficulty to repair. In order to eliminate these problems from occurring, you'll have to entirely remove the tree.

Overhanging Branches

In a similar vein to the above point, you should consider removing a tree in your yard if any part of the limbs and branches hang over the roof of your home. This is because heavy storms and inclement weather can cause the branch to break off, causing severe damage to your home. Even in the event that a full limb does not break off, small pieces of debris will quickly clog up your gutters and cover your roof, preventing water from draining properly off of your roof and making the risk of a roofing leak and subsequent water damage much more likely.

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