Four Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Four Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Four Benefits Of Tree Trimming

8 February 2018
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Tree trimming is a specialized landscaping procedure that is done to reduce the length and size of your tree's branches. Much like a haircut, tree trimming can have a number of positive effects for your tree and for your yard. Understanding what some of the advantages associated with the tree trimming process are can help you decide if it is something that you should have done in your yard or garden.

Damage Reduction

One of the most common reasons why you may want to consider trimming the trees in your yard is to protect your home and other structures from potential damage. This is because overhanging branches could fall and cause severe damage to the roof of your home, and also because smaller pieces of debris can collect on the roof and gutters and impair drainage, which can cause water damage and mildew growth within your home. Tree trimming can also help ensure that your trees do not come into contact with nearby power lines, which can represent a fire hazard and could cause a power outage in your home.

Aesthetic Considerations

Beyond the practical benefits of reducing the amount of risk to your home and yard, tree trimming can also help improve the curb appeal of your home by establishing sightlines and allowing your home to be visible from the street. This works both ways, as well, as tree trimming can increase the amount of natural light that reaches your home and can improve your view while you are inside.

Increased Yields

Though this won't apply to all trees, any trees that produce fruit will be able to do so more effectively if they are pruned regularly every year. This is because trimming fruit trees allows a greater amount of sunlight to reach the leaves of the tree and improves the overall shape of the tree so that it is able to support a heavier and larger crop of fruit.

Tree Health

Finally, one of the most important reasons why you may want to consider trimming back your trees is to maintain their health. Tree trimming can remove old, dead, and broken branches which may be putting a strain on the trunk. Further, trimming will allow you to remove specific sections of the tree which may be experiencing a pest infestation, a tree disease, or fungal growth which can quickly spread throughout the tree, and even to other trees and plants, if not properly removed early enough.

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