Getting Help From A Tree Service For Storm Damage

Getting Help From A Tree Service For Storm Damage

Getting Help From A Tree Service For Storm Damage

8 February 2018
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Trees can add a substantial amount of appeal to a landscape when they are properly taken care of. However, natural disasters can quickly cause damage to trees and leave them scattered around the property of a homeowner. There are also various disasters that can leave trees in a condition that is severe enough for them to require being removed. Contacting a tree service that is in the business of assisting with storm damage should be considered, even if you are not currently dealing with any damage. This article provides a general overview of the level of assistance that a tree service can provide in regards to storm damage.

1. Clear Out Debris After a Storm

The first service that will be provided by a tree services after a storm is a thorough inspection and assessment of the situation. You will then be provided with a quote on what the assistance will cost. The tree service will the begin clearing out all of the debris that was left behind after the storm, such as leaves, branches, and pieces of bark. Rather than placing the debris on the curb in front of your house, it will be placed inside of a large dumpster. The dumpster will either be a rental or one that is owned by the tree service.

2. Protection Against Lightning Strikes

Lightning is one of the things that sometimes cause problems for trees during a storm. The strikes can make contact with trees and cause them to undergo structure degradation. Basically, the trees can become too weak to remain standing for a long time, and can eventually fall down and cause damage or injure someone. Professionals can incorporate a lighten protection system that will protect your trees against the damage that lightning strikes can cause. The systems consist of copper conductors and ground rods that are able to send the electrical charges into the ground and lessen the impact that is placed on the trees.

3. Reinforcement & Removal of Limbs

If your trees have weak limbs, it is possible for them to be saved in some cases. A tree service might be able to use braces and other devices to stabilize the limbs. The devices are able to prevent weak limbs from easily breaking off during strong winds or when a storm occurs. If any of the limbs are in too bad of shape to be saved, they can be removed on your behalf. Removing the limbs can keep your tree healthy and appealing, while also preventing them from possibly injuring someone.

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