Four Tips For A Weed-Free Lawn

Four Tips For A Weed-Free Lawn

Four Tips For A Weed-Free Lawn

13 February 2018
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Weeds are the bane of any proud homeowner when it comes to their lawn. Yet, few people want to spend all of their free time on the weekends hand pulling weeds. Fortunately, there are other options. The following tips can help you keep a weed free lawn with minimal effort.

Tip #1: Use weed fabric

Weeds seeds often spread to the lawn from neighboring landscape areas, such as under bushes or in flower beds. Keeping these areas weed free can help cut down on lawn weeds since they won't be able to spread if they can't go to seed. Landscape fabric is a no-fuss, low maintenance method for achieving this. Lay the fabric over any bare soil, then cover with a gravel or wood chip mulch. If weeds can't land in the soil, they are less likely to successfully germinate and grow.

Tip #2: Install edging

Sometimes weeds are the result of desired garden plants spreading into lawn areas. Flowers with rhizomous spreading root systems or shrubs that send up suckers from their roots are the biggest problems. Installing an edging border around non-lawn areas of the landscape provides an effective root block. The edging should descend at least 6 inches into the ground to block roots, and protrude at least 2 inches above ground so plants don't grow over the barrier.

Tip #3: Maintain a lush lawn

Areas with sparse grass and bald spots are more weed prone than areas where you lawn is thick and lush. Aerating the soil once a year makes it easier for your grass roots to spread. You may also need to reseed the lawn annually if you have problems with die out. Often, improving regular maintenance is sufficient for a thicker lawn. Set your lawn mower blade to a height of 2.5 to 3 inches, as longer grass is less prone to die out. Also, make sure your lawn receives infrequent deep watering as opposed to daily light sprinkles, as this encourages a deeper, more resilient root system.

Tip #4: Schedule chemical treatments

Even with proper weed care in gardens and the right care to encourage good grass growth, weeds may sometimes try to overtake the lawn. When this happens, a herbicide is the best option. You need to apply a pre-emergent herbicide in late winter to kill weed seeds, and then a broadleaf herbicide periodically through the summer months. Professional treatments are a good option because these companies know how to target the most common weeds in your area.

It doesn't take a lot of time to manage weeds if you use the above tips. For more information, contact companies like Ross Tree Company.

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