Should You Have A Tree Removed From Your Property?

Should You Have A Tree Removed From Your Property?

Should You Have A Tree Removed From Your Property?

31 July 2018
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When you have large trees on your property, you have the benefit of owning a mature landscape. While trees on your property can be beautiful and add curb appeal to your home, they can also become a nuisance. In some situations, it's best to remove an offensive tree rather than try to keep it on your property. When do you remove a tree, or when do you let it continue to grow? Should you remove a tree off your landscape if it gives you trouble? Use this guide to assist you.

Where is your tree located?

Large trees dispersed throughout your property often don't pose a threat, especially if they are planted away from fences, power lines, and your home. However, some trees eventually grow to a point where they actually become more of a threat to your landscape and home than a benefit. Remove a tree from your property if it hangs over your rooftop or garage (or your driveway). You should also have a tree removed if it sits too close to your fence, as the branching structure can penetrate your fence and cause structural damage.

Your tree and demolition specialist will assess your trees and see which ones are a potential threat to your property and which ones should stay. Some trees can simply be trimmed or partially cut down to lessen their threat on your property, while others should be removed entirely to keep your landscape and home safe.

Is your tree a desired species?

Some trees are not desired species to have in the yard. Some trees, such as cottonwood species, release pollen and other debris into the air that does more harm than good. Still other trees are unattractive or grow rapidly and produce suckers, which can quickly make your landscape look cluttered and less appealing.

Whether your landscape's mature trees came with your property or you've been noticing new tree growth on your land that you are concerned about, don't ignore your tree problem until it becomes a large and expensive concern. Your tree expert will tell you what species of trees you have on your property and help you remove the ones that are crowding your landscape so the other existing trees can thrive.

While large trees can benefit a landscape, sometimes they can be an eyesore as well. A demolition and tree service company, such as LCI, will remove your trees and their stumps to leave your landscape looking beautiful again.

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