How To Maintain Newly Installed Sod

How To Maintain Newly Installed Sod

How To Maintain Newly Installed Sod

17 September 2018
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Sod is a common landscaping installation that is made out of pre-grown grass attached to mats of soil that allows you to enjoy a fully-grown lawn in just a single day's installation time. However, despite the fact that the grass is already mature and grown, it does still require some regular maintenance to ensure that the roots are able to set into the soil. Understanding what can be done to ensure that your sod stays healthy and takes root can help you ensure that your lawn becomes healthy and durable in no time.

Proper Watering

The most essential part of making sure that your sod stays in good condition is ensuring that you are watering it at least twice a day. You should have your sprinklers water your lawn just before the sun comes up and right after it sets: this ensures that only a limited amount of water is evaporated. You should check with your contractor to see for how long your sprinklers should be turned on for, however, as different sizes of lawns and different types of grass will require different amounts of water.

Keep Off of It

Another important part of maintaining your sod is making sure that you, your pets, and any wild animals do not walk over the surface, which can cause damage to the grass before it has the chance to take root and hurt its ability to do so in the future. Keeping your family and pets off of your lawn is easy enough, but you should make sure to use chicken wire or orange plastic fencing around the perimeter of your yard to keep squirrels, rabbits, and other large pests out.


After a month or so has passed and your grass still looks visibly healthy, you may want to consider applying fertilizer on your lawn. This can give your sod a boost of nutrients and strength that ensure that it is able to grow deep and strong roots in the soil underneath.


Finally, at least two weeks after the fertilizer has been applied, as long as your grass has grown several inches, you can finally mow your lawn to create the neat and clean aesthetic that you want. Do take care to avoid cutting the grass too close to the soil since this can be hard for the fresh grass to recover from no matter how long it originally was.

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