Why You Shouldn't Prune In The Fall

Why You Shouldn't Prune In The Fall

Why You Shouldn't Prune In The Fall

6 September 2019
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Summer is quickly wrapping up, which means if you have any pruning to take care of, you need to do it right now. Fall is the worst time of year to prune your trees and shrubs, so you should avoid pruning at this time.

Pruning in the Fall Simulates New Growth

When you prune your trees in the fall, you simulate new growth with each cut. The tree is going to spend energy trying to cover up the wound and trying to grow new branches, stems, and leaves because you cut off the ones that are already in place.

In the fall trees are trying to go dormant, as opposed to growing new material.

Pruning in the Fall Weakens the Plant

When you prune in the fall, you are weakening the strength of your trees and bushes for months to come. Instead of saving its energy and resources for its upcoming period of dormancy, your trees will be using that energy to create new growth. This will cause your plants to weaken for the harsh winter and early spring months, and in the case of a plant that isn't that strong to begin with, can spell the end of that plant.

Pruning in the Fall Leaks Open Wounds

When you prune in the fall, you are leaving your trees with open wounds. As stated above, it can be hard for trees to promote new growth in the fall, which also means that cuts you make to your trees will not heal as quickly during the fall either.

That open wound may not seem like a big deal, but in the fall, the air is full of fungi and diseases that can get into that open wound an infect your tree. You are putting your trees at risk of getting sick when you fail to prune during the right time of the year.

Pruning in the Fall When Wet Leeds to Diseases

When you prune in the fall, when it is wet, you also further increase the chance of your tree getting sick by cutting it is when is wet outside. The bark will be softer and the chance of damaging the tree and creating a bigger wound increases, thus increasing the chance of your tree contracting a disease and becoming unhealthy.

Only prune dangerous branches in the fall. Wait until winter starts and have your tree service comes out and prune your trees when they are dominant. This will protect the overall health of your trees. Contact a tree trimming service for more help.

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