Landscaping And Tree Maintenance To Create The Perfect Holiday Experience And Decoration

Landscaping And Tree Maintenance To Create The Perfect Holiday Experience And Decoration

Landscaping And Tree Maintenance To Create The Perfect Holiday Experience And Decoration

22 October 2019
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As the autumn months bring cool Northern air, it is time to start doing landscape maintenance. The chores that need to be done include raking the leaves, pruning trees, planting bulbs for spring, and preparing for holiday decorations that you will be putting up soon. The following tips will help you get the landscaping and tree care maintenance done to get your home ready for holiday decorations:

Care for Grass for A Greener Lawn When Next Spring Arrives

The first step to prepare your landscaping for winter and holiday decoration is caring for your grass. You want to make sure that the lawn has nutrients to keep the roots healthy through winter and air to breath. The tasks that need to be done to care for your grass before winter storms arrive include:

  • Dethatching
  • Aerating
  • Over Seeding
  • Fertilizing

These are some of the lawn maintenance tasks that will give you greener grass in spring. If you want your lawn to be greener during the winter months, use a grass seed mixture with a cold-weather species in it to promote winter and early spring growth.

Water, Fertilize and Protect Trees with Fresh Ground Cover for Winter

In addition to caring for the lawn, you also want to do winter care for trees, shrubs, and other plants in your landscaping. Start by making sure the roots have plenty of water before the temperatures begin to drop. You will also want to add slow-release fertilizer at the roots before adding a blanket of ground cover to protect the roots and trunk from the dropping temperatures this winter.

Prune Trees and Shape Shrubs to Prepare Them for Holiday Decorations

Before you get ready to install holiday decorations, you will want to prepare the trees and shrubs around your home. Prune trees to remove heavy branches that can fall under the weight of winter weather and to give the canopy shape. In addition, you can trim shrubs to give them clean shapes, or even holiday shapes for fast-growing shrubs that you have planted in your landscaping.

Run Electrical Wiring for Holiday Decorations Like Lighting, Projectors, and other Electronics

When you are getting ready to decorate for the holidays, you will probably need to have extension cords and electrical wiring for lights and other decorations. To improve the installation of decorations, use PVC conduit to run wires and protect the electrical systems you use for decoration. This conduit can be temporary and installed around boarders in landscaping and other inconspicuous areas and removed when you take the holiday decorations down.

This is some of the landscaping maintenance that you will want to do to get your home ready for holiday decorations. If you want help with the winter landscaping maintenance and installation of holiday decorations, contact a tree service like Good Morrow for help with pruning and tree care to prepare your landscaping for the holidays.

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