Call Your Tree Expert: Signs Of An Emerald Ash Borer

Call Your Tree Expert: Signs Of An Emerald Ash Borer

Call Your Tree Expert: Signs Of An Emerald Ash Borer

12 August 2021
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The emerald ash borer is a beautiful green insect that is exotic in nature. While this charming-looking specimen may initially be fun to spot in your yard, it's actually a dangerous threat to your trees and can quickly destroy the beautiful trees you take care of. When you have an emerald ash borer infestation in your yard, it's wise to call your tree expert right away.

It only takes a few years for an emerald ash borer to take down a smaller tree, and up to four years to kill a larger tree. The only way to protect your trees is to take care of an emerald ash borer infestation as soon as you suspect you have one. Since these insects can grow in numbers and spread from tree to tree, call your tree expert if you're concerned about the health of your trees in general or if you think you see an emerald ash borer. Here are signs of this type of devastating infestation.

Sick trees are getting sicker

Any sick tree on your property is an attraction to the emerald ash borer, but a tree that is rapidly declining may already be affected. Since a great number of diseases in trees are contagious to other trees, it's wise to have your tree expert examine your sick trees for signs of an emerald ash borer infestation and to create a treatment plan as needed. Sickly trees are often best removed off the property to protect other trees and to save money for the property owner.

Parts of the tree are dying

As the emerald ash borer infects the tree and leaves its eggs and larvae behind, parts of an otherwise healthy tree will start to die. You'll see the ends of branches start to break off or become brittle or the branches die completely over time. You may also see the leaves of these branches shriveling up and turning brown or falling off prematurely as a result of an emerald ash borer infestation.

Parts of the trees are thinning

Does your tree look less and less lush every year? The effects of an emerald ash borer can leave your tree looking thinner and thinner in its canopy as it dies from the inside out. The sooner you can have your tree specialist examine your tree and identify the problem, the better. An emerald ash borer infestation can be eradicated if the tree is treated quickly and you may even be able to salvage the tree itself in the process.

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