3 Main Tree Removal Methods

3 Main Tree Removal Methods

3 Main Tree Removal Methods

9 December 2021
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Trees are essential in every home since they enhance the aesthetic value of your compound. However, if a tree becomes a constant threat to your safety, you may need to remove it. You might want to remove a tree for several other reasons like if a tree is sick, dying, or interfering with your property.

If you want to remove a tree, you need to contact a tree removal service. Removal experts have the experience and tools to safely remove a problematic tree. This article explains three common tree removal methods they could use.

Felling Method

Felling involves cutting or chopping the base of your tree with an ax or chainsaw until the trunk falls. During this procedure, one of the removal experts will tie a rope to the trunk of the tree. They will then cut a wedge on your tree trunk towards the direction they want your tree to fall. Afterward, the removal expert will make a back cut on the opposite side. This procedure is essential, especially for a big tree.

However, they have to be careful to avoid damage to your property or injuries to other people during this procedure. To do so, the removal expert may consider the terrain of your land, the lean of your tree, and the wind direction. In addition, all the workers will need to maintain a safe distance when felling the tree to avoid unexpected accidents.

Climbing Method

For this method, the tree removal expert will tie a rigging rope around the tree trunk. They will then climb the tree using this rope and start cutting your tree's branches from the top all the way down. Afterward, they may bring down the whole tree easily without all the weight from the branches.

Climbing is the best method to remove your tree if the tree grows among other structures. Also, if your removal expert can't remove your tree safely without risking damage to nearby property, the climbing method can be a good option.

You shouldn't attempt this procedure as a DIY project if you have no prior experience. You could accidentally fall from the tree and injure yourself. Only let experienced professionals handle any tree removals instead.  

Bucket Truck Method

The bucket tree removal method works similarly to the climbing technique. Your tree removal expert cuts the tree branches from the top. But here, they won't have to climb the tree using ropes.

Instead, the removal experts will use a bucket truck, (also referred to as the cherry picker) to lift them to the height they need to access the tree. This tree removal method works best when your tree is rotten or incapable of supporting the weight of the climbers. Your removal technician is experienced enough to tell when the bucket method is the right one for tree removal.

For more information, contact a tree removal service in your area.

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