Have Old Stumps In Your Yard? 4 Reasons To Grind Them Up

Have Old Stumps In Your Yard? 4 Reasons To Grind Them Up

Have Old Stumps In Your Yard? 4 Reasons To Grind Them Up

20 January 2022
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If you have old stumps in your yard, you will not just want to leave them there. They can be a safety hazard and attract pests to your yard. One method you should seriously consider is stump grinding when it comes to getting rid of the stumps on your property.  

Reason #1: Quick Removal 

Cutting down and getting rid of a tree, even if it is a big one, generally only takes a matter of hours. Then, you are left with a stump. Most stump removal methods, such as chemically breaking up the stump or allowing the stump to break up on its own, require a lot of time to work correctly.  

The stump can be removed just as quickly as the tree with stump grinding. Stump grinding equipment can eat up a stump in a matter of minutes, leaving you with a property that is free from stumps and that is free of unsafe trees as well. You can clean up your landscape all at once when you pair stump removal with tree removal. 

Reason #2: Environmentally Friendly 

Next, grinding up a stump is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to deal with a stump. If you apply chemicals to the stump, those chemicals could harm the land around it. If you pull the stump out, you could damage the surrounding vegetation.  

With stump grinding, the stump is ground up right where it is. No chemicals are used, and the surrounding vegetation doesn't have to be disturbed at all. The stump grinder will grind up the stump into the ground, breaking it up without harming anything around it.  

Reason #3: Eliminate Tree Sprouts 

When you leave an old tree stump in place, tree spouts may start to pop up around and on the tree stump over time. If you don't want the same tree growing in that spot, that can be annoying and costly to deal with. If you want to avoid new tree spouts popping up, you need to eliminate the tree stump and roots. The stump grinder will remove the stump and break up the tree roots, helping to eliminate the possibility of sprouts taking root. 

Reason #4: Safety 

Having stumps all over your backyard is not the safest setup. Tree stumps can present a safety hazard to anyone who is walking, running, or playing in your yard, from pets to kids to adults. Additionally, tree stumps can attract pests, such as termites and wood ants, over time. If you want to keep your yard safe, stumping grinding is a great way to do so.  

If you want to have a safe yard and take control of your landscaping after removing unwanted trees, you will want to hire a stump grinding service to make quick work of your old stumps without harming surrounding vegetation. Contact a local service, such as Tree Landers, to learn more.

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