Call A Tree Removal Company To Remove A Weak Or Problematic Tree

Call A Tree Removal Company To Remove A Weak Or Problematic Tree

Call A Tree Removal Company To Remove A Weak Or Problematic Tree

28 April 2022
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If you have a sick or problem tree on your property, it's best to call a tree removal company to take care of it. Hiring a professional is a better idea than tackling the tree with your friends. Trees are unpredictable, especially if you don't have experience cutting them. A professional removes trees safely, plus they carry insurance that will cover damage to your property or workers. Here are some details to know about tree removal.

1. Make Sure The Tree Isn't In An Easement

You'll probably need to get a permit to cut down a mature tree, and the city may come out to check on the tree you want to remove before the tree removal company arrives. The city or the tree removal company should be able to tell you if you're not allowed to remove a tree yourself.

If you have a tree in the front yard that's in the city's easement, the city may want to cut down the tree themselves or just trim it. They may not allow you to do anything to trees in their easement. The same is true for trees in your backyard in the utility easement. You may not be allowed to trim or remove those trees because of safety issues near high power lines.

2. Decide What You'll Do About The Stump

Getting rid of a tree stump is challenging unless you hire a tree service to grind it away. You may not need to make up your mind right away since grinding may not be done the same day as the tree is removed. Grinding away a stump is not too expensive, but it is an added cost. Getting rid of the stump is usually a good idea so the rotting wood doesn't attract termites and ants.

3. Learn About How the Work Is Done

One reason tree removal is so dangerous is that the work is done with chain saws high off of the ground. The crew might work from a lift or from a nearby limb. Professional tree removal workers know how to work safely and move big chunks of the tree to a safe landing place even when they have to work in a tight spot.

If you're having a tree removed on a city lot, it will probably need to come down in pieces rather than chopping the tree down at the base.

4. Ask About The Value Of The Wood

If the tree is rare and has valuable wood, your city may not allow you to cut it down. If you can cut it down, ask the tree service if the wood is valuable. You might be able to sell it to a lumberyard or to woodworkers. However, you'll need to manage moving the big tree and the moving costs could outweigh the benefits of selling the wood.

However, you may find value in the wood yourself if you have a woodworking hobby or if you have a fireplace. The tree removal company can leave you as much wood as you want, and they may even turn some of it into mulch if you need mulch for your property. 

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