Must Know Tree Care And Maintenance Tips

Must Know Tree Care And Maintenance Tips

Must Know Tree Care And Maintenance Tips

16 June 2022
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Trees can improve the beauty of your property and provide shade and fruits for consumption. However, proper tree maintenance is essential to ensure healthy tree growth. If you have trees on your property or plan to plant some, here are the must-know tree maintenance and care tips.


Water provides a medium that trees require to grow, especially during the early stages. Dehydrated trees may appear weak, and they may eventually die out. Therefore, irrigate your yard frequently to ensure that your trees access sufficient water. However, avoid over watering as this may lead to water logging. This contributes to the leaching of soil minerals to deeper soil layers where tree roots may not reach. Hence, use an efficient sprinkler system to deliver adequate water for your trees.


Your soil may be deficient in specific soil nutrients that trees need for healthy growth. Therefore, soil fertilization is essential to provide your trees with the necessary nutrients. Your tree maintenance service may recommend using organic fertilizer like compost, which releases nutrients gradually but for a more extended period. Alternatively, you can use non-organic fertilizers that release nutrients faster if your trees require a nutrient boost urgently.


Weeds grow fast and compete with your trees for water and nutrients. Thus, your trees may lack sufficient soil resources, leading to stunted growth. In this regard, weed your yard regularly to remove unwanted plants. You can use herbicides to control the weeds or perform mechanical weeding. However, the weeding technique you use depends on the type of weeds and their infestation level. Your tree maintenance service can inspect your yard and recommend the ideal weeding method.


Mulching entails the addition of a layer of materials on the soil mainly to prevent water evaporation from the soil. Likewise, mulch protects the soil against erosion agents, helps maintain soil temperatures, and prevents weed growth. The common organic mulching materials include wood chips and grass. You can also use synthetic mulch like polythene.

Tree trimming

As your trees grow, the branches may extend to walkways or even reach your house's windows, potentially causing property damage. Additionally, trees in their natural form may not align with your landscape design. In such cases, tree trimming can help achieve the desired tree shape. Also, pruning keeps the growth of branches in check, preventing property damages.

The common tree maintenance pointers include fertilizing, trimming, weeding, mulching, and irrigating your trees. Consider implementing these tree care pointers to ensure healthy tree growth.

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