4 Instances You Need To Seek Emergency Tree Removal Services

4 Instances You Need To Seek Emergency Tree Removal Services

4 Instances You Need To Seek Emergency Tree Removal Services

1 July 2022
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Trees in your yard add natural beauty to your property, provide shade, and are home to wildlife. But if the trees become a safety hazard, it calls for emergency tree removal. Therefore, you must know the signs of tree damage so you can call the professionals immediately to prevent serious consequences. Here are four instances you need tree removal specialists.

1. When You Have an Infected Tree

If you have a sick tree in your yard, it is likely to be a safety threat. That is because the branches may fall on your property or hurt anyone passing in the area. Also, the disease may spread to other trees, making it hard for you to keep even those other trees. That is why it is best to act fast when you notice a tree with a disease and ask for emergency tree removal services.

2. When a Tree Is Leaning on One Side

Since you see your trees daily, you understand their growth patterns and trajectory. So, you should be concerned if you notice a tree leaning at an angle different from its usual growth pattern. That could signify that it is not stable and can fall at any moment. So, you should remove such trees immediately. But you should avoid doing it yourself because you may not have the skills and safety gear for the task and risk hurting yourself or others around you.

3. When a Tree or Its Roots Affect Your House or Other Structures

The trees on your property may grow towards your house such that some branches hang over your roof. A tree's roots can also grow towards your home, causing it to crack and get damaged. When you see a sign that your tree is damaging your property, it is best to call experts to cut the tree down safely. That will save you from unnecessary home repairs and renovations.

4. When Your Tree Is Growing Close to Power Lines

Your trees should have an acceptable distance between them and the power lines. If they grow too close, they can affect the power lines and cause power failure. Therefore, you should act fast when you notice your tree touching your power lines. You should also remember that if you are not a professional, you should not attempt to remove the tree since you risk electrocution.

As much as having trees on your property is important, sometimes removing them is a better option. For example, keeping a sick tree or one leaning on your property or next to the power supply lines is hazardous. Also, you should ensure your trees don't risk damaging your home. If you have any of these situations, it is time to seek emergency tree removal to avoid serious problems.

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