A Comprehensive Guide To Professional Tree Removal Services

A Comprehensive Guide To Professional Tree Removal Services

A Comprehensive Guide To Professional Tree Removal Services

22 August 2022
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Are you dealing with an infected or leaning tree? Your best bet to prevent it from falling on your home and injuring your family is to seek tree removal services without delay. But before you make the call, you may have many unanswered questions. For example, will the tree removal services protect my home from damage? Or how much will they charge? This article will walk you through the comprehensive guide to professional tree removal to set you straight.

1. Tree Inspection

Before anything else, the tree removal experts will want to see the tree in question. This is to examine the tree's location, trunk, root structure, and branches to determine the safest and quickest way to remove it. Only after the experts have inspected your tree and determined the removal method will they be able to give you a removal estimate.

2. Site Preparation

Once the specialists have established a safe plan to remove your tree, the next thing is to prepare the site for the work. This includes removing furniture, potted plants, or old vehicles near the tree or on its fall path to avoid damage and create ample working space.

3. Tree Removal

Now that everything looks set, the experts are ready to begin the actual work. There are two ways to go about this:

Tree felling

This entails cutting down your tree at the base of its trunk. However, the removal experts may only decide to fell your tree if it is not too tall or there are no nearby structures. Before feeling it, they must determine the safest fall path and escape route. Then, armed with a strong chain saw, they will safely bring your tree down.

Using a Crane

In this method, a tree removal expert will climb and secure the crane to a piece of your tree with a chain, which then carries it to the ground once it is cut. They will repeat this process until the tree is completely gone. This method is best if your tree is tall and you do not want it to destroy other trees, nearby buildings, or electricity cables. But whichever method the experts choose, they will go out of their way to ensure it is safe, quick, and effective.

4. Debris Clean Up 

After your tree is safely on the ground, the tree removal expert will limb or buck it for easier transport. Then, they will clean up twigs, leaves, and other debris to ensure your home is as clean as they found it, or even better.

Removing a tree is no easy feat. It requires top-notch skills to avoid injuries and property damage. Therefore, you would better leave the removal of any tree to an experienced tree removal company.

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