5 Ways Tree Trimming Promotes Home Pest Control

5 Ways Tree Trimming Promotes Home Pest Control

5 Ways Tree Trimming Promotes Home Pest Control

23 March 2023
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Homeowners trim their trees for a variety of important reasons. And while things like reducing falling hazards are certainly the most obvious reasons to prune your trees, other reasons can be very compelling. 

Consider the pest control effects of regular tree trimming. How does this work? Here are a few ways.

1. Reduce Debris and Clutter

Rodents and insects love an overgrown, unkempt tree. It provides food, water, and shelter for anything from termites to rats and scorpions. Deny them this safe haven and discourage them from hanging out on your property. Trim up from the ground, thin out heavy canopies, reduce overgrowth on palm stalks, and turn dead branches into chips. 

2. Move Trees Away From Structures

Trees may start out a reasonable distance from structures like your home or business, but they grow and expand. Has the canopy or root system grown close to buildings? If so, they can turn into conduits to lead pests like mice and squirrels straight into your home. Keep canopies a safe distance away from any building for safety. 

3. Strengthen Your Tree

Healthy trees are less susceptible to all kinds of infestations. Just like your body can fend off viruses and bacteria better when it's healthy, your trees' health gives them an advantage. Trimming and pruning are both essential parts of keeping a tree healthy by removing diseased sections, dead limbs, and even infected trees themselves. 

4. Reduce Intermingling

Another way that insects and wildlife can travel around your property is from tree to tree. Branches that intertwine with other trees become highways for small critters, facilitating almost unlimited growth of colonies and nesting sites. Prune trees so that their canopies are several feet away from each other or more. 

5. Allow for Inspection

While they are up close and personal with your tree, a professional arborist will examine it for signs of infestation or other unhealthy conditions. They can then make treatments to restore the tree's health, recommend removal when needed, and get rid of limbs that hog resources. This is often the only time that a mature tree receives a health check, so schedule regular trimming.

Where to Start

Could your trees be contributing to a pest problem on your property? Do you want to avoid future infestations? Then begin by meeting with an experienced tree care service in your local area. With their help and a good schedule, you'll ensure that your trees never harbor any unwanted stowaways.  

For more info, contact a local company like AC Horticultural Management Inc.

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