Having Trees Removed? Also Remove The Stumps

Having Trees Removed? Also Remove The Stumps

Having Trees Removed? Also Remove The Stumps

28 April 2023
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If you are having trees removed from your property, it is important that you also remove the stumps. Below are some reasons why you should do this, as well as two different ways stumps can be removed. You should hire a tree service to remove the trees and stumps for you as this can be dangerous. 

Why Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps sticking up out of the ground can be dangerous as people will trip over them. If vehicles drive over the stumps, it will damage the tires and more. If the stumps are left, they will eventually break down and deteriorate but this can take many years. Also once the stumps break down, pests may set up home in them. Some of these pests may be dangerous, such as termites and carpenter ants. The more the tree stump rots, the more insects you can have. These insects can then get into your home causing even more damage. 

It can be difficult to mow a yard if there are tree stumps sticking up out of the ground. The lawn mower can be damaged by tree roots as well as the stump. If you would like to plant new trees near the stumps, you cannot do this. This is because the roots will be in your way. 

How Tree Stumps Are Removed

A tree removal company can grind the stumps or use stump removal. Both of these options work well but they do have cons. Removing the stumps is intrusive as large equipment has to dig deep enough to remove the stump from the ground, along with the roots that are attached to the stump. This will take a lot of time to complete. You are also left with large holes in your yard when they are finished. This is not a bad thing, however, since you can simply fill the holes with dirt and plant grass or plant new trees in the holes.

Stump grinding is not as intrusive as stump removal. With this, a machine is used to shred the stumps until there are only small woodchips left. One thing to consider with stump grinding is the tree roots are left behind. These roots may get in your way for future landscaping you may want to do. One benefit of stump grinding is that you can use the wood chips for landscaping purposes. For example, you can use the wood chips for mulch for flower gardens and in other areas. 

The tree removal company can give you more information about stump removal and stump grinding.

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